Busy; The Never Dull Days.

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A while back I told myself that I would start posting a new blog post at least once a week.  Looking back now, it has almost been a month since I have written anything.  I could sit here and give a hundred reasons why I haven’t, but that would be a hundred excuses of why I have been a slacker.  However, I do need something to post about. 🙂

Today was the last day of the Crighton Theater’s rendition of Hello Dolly.  A play that started rehearsals in late October and has been running for the whole month of February.  This is my daughter’s second play that she has been in.   Now you might ask yourself, why has that kept me busy?  Between taking her to rehearsals, and volunteering at the show, the nights go by quickly.  Also, I am back in school and I never realized just how many English papers you must right, or History tests and papers you have.

Now, between those two task I have had exactly one day free, and that was Friday Night.   On Friday nights I have been re-working my presentation for my upcoming months of SQL Saturday talks.  Starting this coming Saturday I will be in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada for my talk over Dynamic SQL.  The weekend after that I have a commitment in Lake Charles Louisiana followed by two more weekends of SQL Saturday Talks.

At least I have the month of April to relax and unwind before I’m back on the road to Colorado for a security conference. If you are keeping track that means that I am gone every weekend in March on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Among all those other things that are going on, I still find time to work for 8 hours each day doing what I truly enjoy, writing SQL Code.  Through all the chaos a positive thing has happened.  I have had time to experiment some with my Nikon W300 Coolpix.  I have figured out how to make time lapse movies.  I will be posting the 11 second videos to this blog as soon as I can figure out how to put in a Word Press plugin that will allow it.

So, until then, Code Happy, Code Smart, be a Code Monkey


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