As another thought comes to my mind….


As I’m sitting here doing an update to the latest IOS for my iPad, I started thinking about my WordPress Sites.  When I found out that I was not able to upload a custom theme to the main Site, I decided to drop my subscription and move everything in house.  For the longest time, about 10 years, I have maintained a full server farm out of my house.  Housing about 8 different computers carrying out various task.  As my servers have aged, instead of replacing them, I have taken them offline or downgraded what they are used for.  I currently still have about 4 servers running 24/7 and they still serve the purpose they are designed to.  However, I have since added 5 new Raspberry Pi 3 into the mix.  I have 3 of those running a Beowulf cluster that this site and two of my other WordPress sites run on.  I also have 1 running my NAS Storage array, and then 1 I use for testing different ideas that pop into my head.

With that being said, I think I will use one of my other domain / WordPress sites to house all my videos and photographs that I take. (see previous thought post).  I have also decided that I will start posting some of my experiments that I have accomplished using that 1 for testing.  Well, now that my IOS update is done, I will take my iPad and retire to the place where I sleep.  Getting older, I feel that I should get more sleep,  and probably give up some other bad habits I have.

More on that soon……


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