At our company Christmas party last year, I was lucky enough to win a digital camera as a door prize.  A Nikon Coolpix W300.  It sat on my shelf for about a full month before I decided to see what it could do.  I have to admit, it is pretty damn cool!  One of the features is the ability to take time lapse movies.  It has a few different movie modes to choose from, the first being landscape mode.  Basically it takes 250 pictures over a 25 minute time frame, then melds them together for a 11 second video.  Another pretty cool mode is night sky mode.  It takes the same 250 pictures, but spreads it out over 150 minutes.  I have been really excited to try the night sky mode, however, with the weather in Texas, it seems that we haven’t had a clear night sky in months.

I plan on taking my camera with me this weekend when I go speak in Victoria Canada for SQL Saturday.  Hopefully I will have a few good nights of clear skies then I will be able to take some pictures.  Regardless, since I am staying downtown by the bay, I will take a few 25 minute landscape scenes out of my hotel window.  I have always wanted to do photography, but I have never taken the time, or I start off fast and furious and then forget about it.

Hopefully this time it will be better and I’ll be able to share some videos with you upon my return.


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