SQL Saturday Phoenix


I have been asked many times, what is a SQL Saturday?  SQL Saturday is an even held almost every Saturday all over the world.  It is a free event that offers a day of training for the local SQL Community.  All of the speakers are volunteers and travel from all over the country to help share the love of one of the most under-taught languages that is used every day.

I have been working with MS SQL since around 1998.  I got my first taste of the drug with the release of SQL Server 7.   After my first SELECT statement, I have been hooked.

The next question I often  get asked is, do you get paid for speaking?  No.  SQL Saturday is a volunteer only event.  Held by the local SQL User group.  They issue a call for speakers about 3 or 4 months before the date.  Once you get that notification, you can then submit your talk and hope that it gets selected.  The airfare, hotel, and car rentals are at the speakers expense.

After you tell them that you don’t get paid, then you can guarantee the next question is, Why?  That is the easiest answer.  Why, because we love what we do.  Most people don’t consider SQL a powerful language, and it is hardly ever taught in college.  However, SQL is used for every application that has to access data.  No matter how your data is stored, if there is a database involved, there is T-SQL involved.  For that reason, and for the love of the language, speakers travel and share what they know to help the community grow.


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