College: an educational institution or establishment, in particular.

After graduating high school, most people head to college.  However, I was one of those people who never felt like I needed it. Probably because I come from a blue collar Texas family.  No one in my family has ever graduated college, none of my brothers or sister or my parents.  That isn’t something that you do, you graduate high school, get a job and be happy with what you have.  With that mindset I followed those exact footsteps. I graduated high school, got hired by Texas Instruments, learned how to be a bench tech, then went on to networking and eventually programming.  That was about 30 or so years ago.   A few years ago my wife graduated with her Masters.  She told me, you should go to college, you will enjoy it.  I thought about it, and then said, “I’m not going to change my career so why would I go?”  Which she replied, “It will give you a feeling of accomplishment.”

I am happy to say, I just completed my second semester of college.  In fact, last night, I took my history final and scored pretty well on it.  She was right, (don’t tell her please) college has given me a feeling of accomplishment.  Is it hard? Yes it is and I do stress over every little test, or paper I have to write. I know that no matter what I score on the test, as long as I pass the class I’m good.  See, going to college for me isn’t about finding a new career, going to college for me is to say I did it.  However, I am a perfectionist and I want each paper to be perfect, each test to score high on.

Another thing I truly enjoy about college, this past semester, I was able to take a class with my son.  We both took English II together.  There was a little competition to see if the “old man” could outscore the young boy child, and guess what.  Final grade, boy child 93, “old man”, 93.6!   I truly look forward to going to class (again, don’t tell my wife that she was right), I find it funny that in History, our teacher was teaching about the 80’s.  Ha!  I grew up in the 80’s.  Needless to say, I did pretty good on that test also.

Speaking of teachers, I must give great reviews to my History and English Teacher of this past semester.  My history teacher is beyond amazing.  He lectures through power point slides, and his teaching style is really good.  He was a congressional aid, so with each slide, he usually has an interesting bit of information to go with it.  That made history, BTW, my worse subject in high school, really enjoyable.  As for my English teacher, she was a very hands on teacher.  She took attendance, gave us daily papers to write, and then we had 4 major essays to write.  My first one I didn’t do so hot on, I made an 85, but once I understood what she wanted, and what she was looking for, I didn’t score under a 90 for the rest of the class.

Now summer break is upon us.  Unfortunately, I won’t be taking any summer classes, as we are going on a nice vacation this year.  However, come fall, this “old man” has three more classes waiting for him.  Sociology, Public Speaking, and ready, Bowling!  Again, I hope my teachers are prepared for me!


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