Summer has arrived early in the Great State of Texas!  The last few weeks we have been pushing the upper 90’s, with a heat index over 100.  I know a lot of people complain about the heat, but this is Texas, if you don’t like the heat, you might be living in the wrong state.  I look forward to summer, I look forward to the heat, because with the heat, comes juicy Texas Watermelons!  If you love a thick slick of watermelon, then you need to visit the watermelon capital of Texas, Luling.  Not only do you get fresh watermelon,  you might even be lucky enough to meet the Watermelon Thump Queen.  Check out their Facebook page, and do yourself a huge favor, go visit Luling.

Another thing that is great about summer in Texas, is that the pool is finally warm enough to swim.  Early morning, mid-afternoon, or late at night, the pool water has finally hit 85 degrees.  That means, music, drinks, and lights by the pool.  That is where Volumio comes in.  This past weekend I hooked up the outside amplifier, the outside speakers, and the light show that goes along with them, and decided that I need something easier to play music on while swimming, then having to hook up my phone.  Because it is really hard to take pictures while your phone is hooked to the amplifier.  Volumio is a free Raspberry Pi distro build.  Basically, it is a jukebox for your Pi.  The Volumio website calls itself, ” Volumio is a true HI-FI Digital Music player: an audiophile sound system tailored to offer Bit-perfect playback and uncompromised Audio Quality“.  So I downloaded the distro, burned it to my PI, and then sat out to see if it was as good as it says.  Guess what, it is better than what they said.  It has a built in Web radio, which has some really great 1940’s & 30’s stations, it scans your drives to pick up any MP3’s you may have on a NAS Drive, and it also connects up with your premium Spotify.  So far, a really great tool.  If you are looking for someone to tinker with, something to build that JukeBox with, give Volumio a chance and see if you like it or Love It!


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