Back to my old habits of forgetting to post Blogs.  Well, if you haven’t seen anything here, you can always find great tips for SQL Server on one of my social media platforms.

Summer Vacation has finally arrived.  Thirteen days away from work.  This year, we are heading on a cruise.  This will be the first cruise I have ever taken, so I must admit I am a little nervous about it.  However, on the positive side of things, our friends from Australia came to visit us and they are going with us on our cruise.  Speaking of our Australian friends, they got to experience their first American July 4th celebrations.  Complete with Texas BBQ, Fireworks, and heat!  Gotta Love Texas!

For the next few weeks, I will have hardly any connectivity.  My wife did get the internet package for me, she thinks I will go through withdrawels from not having internet, but I am determined to not use it while we are on the ship. Well, I might post a few pictures to instagram, or twitter, or facebook for that matter, but besides that, I am not going to use it :).

When I get back, I promise that I will start posting more.  I have set a reminder on my phone, that every Sunday, starting on the 21st, I will post a new blog entry.  It won’t be some rambling post like this is, it will actually be something meaningful!

So until then!  Bon Voyage!

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