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It has been roughly 2 months since I updated this blog.  I tell myself weekly, I set reminders on my phone, and every other action I could possible do to post something.  What usually happens is that I am not at home when the reminder goes off, I’m study for a test, or Mrs. SQLCodeMonkey has me doing something on her never ending list of Honey Do’s.  Well, tonight is a little different because I have a few minutes and decided that maybe I needed to write something.

A lot has happened since my last post.  I have started another semester of school.  I was nominated for my MVP, but didn’t get it :(, and I successfully got my own Local Chapter user group for SQL Server.  Besides that a lot has also been going on at home.  We are having a 300 sq ft addition added to the back of the house, I have had my first article published, and I am about midway through writing my first technical manual.

I am done speaking for the remainder of 2018.  I have already scheduled some dates for 2019, but as of right now, I am considering taking a year off and coming up with a new topic to talk about, plus publish my first pluralsight course.  My youngest daughter has started high school and my oldest daughter is about to bless us with grand child # 3.

So that is about all I can think of to say right now.  I took a break from studying for my AWS certification, and thought I would just stop and say hi.

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